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Neck Pain

Are you suffering from a dull constant pain or a sudden sharp pain in the neck? Is it negatively affecting your daily life? Have you tried all means of treating your pain but have not been able to get relief? Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT), the all-natural alternative, may be the answer for you.

Studies have shown:

  • A significant improvement is seen in physical as well as the mental aspects of patients suffering from neck pain after OMT treatment.

Neck pain refers to pain or discomfort resulting from abnormalities or injuries to any of the structures in the neck including the muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones and vertebral joints.


Common causes of neck pain include muscle strain or sprain, trauma, stress, poor posture and body mechanics, degenerative diseases, nerve compression, and osteoarthritis.


Some adjectives used to describe neck pain are dull, sharp, constant, intermittent, and sudden. The pain may either be localized to the neck or may radiate to the shoulders, upper back, or arms, and may be aggravated by movement. You may experience muscle spasms, stiff neck, numbness or tingling sensations, and/or tenderness over the affected region. Neck pain may also be associated with headaches, dizziness, jaw pain, or ringing in the ears.


Diagnosis is made by a thorough history and physical exam. Imaging may be done if deemed appropriate by your physician.


Treatment options include:

  • Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT)
  • Relaxation exercises and meditation
  • Stretching exercises
  • Homeopathy
  • Activity modifications
  • Physical therapy
  • Medications: anti-inflammatory and other pain medications, muscle relaxants
  • Spinal injections
  • Surgery may be considered for patients who do not respond to conservative treatment or have cervical spine instability or neurologic dysfunction.

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