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Pregnancy-Related Low Back Pain And Round Ligament Pain

We help pregnant (and postpartum) mothers aged 24+ to be able to move easier, live with less pain even if you have lost hope – PLUS, we give you the best possible shot at a fully natural birth so that you too can experience the joy that comes with giving birth to your own child.

Secrets your chiropractor doesn’t want you to know about.

Let me ask you this: Have you been struggling with this pregnancy, and feel like “just a number” when all you really are looking for is help?  Have you been told by a family member, friend, or OB/midwife “these are just pregnancy pains” and “to just deal with it”.  Worse, are you afraid how others might judge the choices of your delivery?

If, so you have came to the right place.


You should have comfort in the fact that I as a board certified physician have spent nine years studying the connections between ALL systems in the human body and how they relate to each other, have personally delivered over 100 babies during medical school and residency, have 20,000 hours of training, have spoken on the whole mother radio show, and recently had a baby as well.

I don’t say these things to brag about my experience, I’m saying it to show you how I have been able to leverage this expertise to help others like me get the best shot at achieving their pregnancy goals.

Finally. a scientifically PROVEN effective proactive holistic approach shown to increase the odds of a natural delivery, without popping and cracking, which also treats the “normal pregnancy pain” you have been told to “just deal with”, which also has been shown to increase the odds of a natural delivery.

Can you relate to any of these common pregnancy problems?

  • My back pain gets aggravated when standing too long and prevents me from cooking, playing sports, or being social
  • My lower back and groin area brings me so much pain, it brings me to tears and to bed
  • It hurts to turn over or get out of bed because my belly is killing me and the pain is shooting down my back and leg
  • I have been struggling and feel like “just a number” when all I really am looking for is help
  • Sex is just too painful
  • Walking and standing up for longer than 10 minutes is painful because of the swelling in my feet
  •  I am afraid that I won’t be able to deliver naturally, and that maybe I’d have to get a c-section
  • I am afraid of going to the chiropractor because I don’t like getting popped and cracked

Why Is This Pain Happening?

Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy to accommodate and nurture a developing baby. These cause various aches and pains, the most common being back pain and round ligament pain

Back pain during pregnancy may occur due to hormonal changes and from your spine adjusting to the center of gravity to accommodate changes with your growing stomach.

Similarly, as your womb grows larger, the round ligaments, or the thick ligaments supporting your womb, stretch and are strained, causing pain in the lower abdomen or groin area.

Any sudden movements (sneezing, coughing and standing up too quickly) can tighten the ligaments supporting your womb making the ligaments contract quickly.

Back pain may be accompanied by stiffness as well as restricted motion in the back or legs.

For some, the pain tends to increase in the night, disturbing sleep. Ligament pain is characterized by sharp, sudden pain in the abdomen, and lasts for a few seconds to minutes.

We as women always seem to put others priorities before ours.  I’m just as guilty of it too.  I love giving presents and providing for my family…but I have the hardest time putting myself first.

I give you permission to put yourself first for a change.  Imagine how much worse the back pain would be if you did not take the first step towards healing.

Think about the frustration many women feel learning too late they could have ALLEVIATED their family’s worry on how to best help with your pregnancy.

After all, this is a new life, and this is their first start into this world.  We as parents understandably want the best for our families.

But…..How do you define what the best is, especially if you don’t understand all available options? Wouldn’t you at least want to know about all options available before making a decision?

Secretly, of course you would.  All of OUR patients do.

This is NOT for you if five minutes is too long of an investment to make an informed decision you might not be aware of.

We are a PROVEN hands on treatment for pregnant women who want to proactively address common pregnancy complications they were told to “just deal with”,  having thought these “were just normal”.

I know you think this might not work for you….but what do you have to lose learning from a rare Board Certified physician?  What if it did help?!  In this report you’ll discover:

  • How to ease back pain 
  • Simple dietary changes to greatly MINIMIZE swelling!
  • How to relax your muscles to aid with cramping.
  • The 15 things you can do to ease pain and swelling at home, right now.
  •  Discover the little known 100% NATURAL way to have the best shot at a natural delivery!
  •  And so much more inside!

This report is NOT for you if you are expecting to be MAGICALLY fixed by a pill!

BUT IS THIS SAFE?  Yes!  Many of my physician colleagues might not be aware about all credible published research options. Let’s be honest, there are only 20 of us in the entire STATE of Texas that do what we do.  Also, physicians typically don’t excel at explaining the value of complicated science studies.   This includes, but is not limited to, our patients and trusted counterparts (OB’s, Midfwifes, and Duala’s).  It’s not that we blame them for not knowing.  In all fairness, how are they supposed to know about a treatment option that some had no idea even existed?  Even if they did somehow know about their colleagues, not having anyone within several hundred miles that could actually help does no good for their patients. This is one of the reasons why we have become a hub to educate our fellow physicians, patients, and trusted counterparts.  For example, one article in 2010 from  the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology essentially reported that we are a SAFE option to reduce low back pain during pregnancy.  

There are MANY other benefits too!

Take the quiz to find out if any of the NINE areas of the body are what you were told to “Just Live With”. 

Don’t just take my word about it, here is what my patients are saying:

  • Dr. Banik is amazing. I have had several massages, acupuncture treatments and chiropractic treatments in my life. Nothing was quite like this. My first treatment was a 10-15 minute demo, she watched me walk, made some observations about my posture and with very little and gentle touch I was able to see and most importantly feel a difference. Being 7 months pregnant at the time, I was having some crazy lower back pain (to the point of not being able to move sometimes) and some tightness in my shoulders. General aches and pains. Some areas I didn’t even know I was stressing until she pointed it out. Sometimes you just forget about pain, you become used to it. After the 15 minutes, I felt good immediately. More loose and relaxed. I felt like I was putting less stress on certain points of my body. There was no soreness or tenderness after the treatment. It’s crazy how simple and relaxing the whole process was. It was truly an amazing experience and I’d recommend this treatment to anyone!


  •  “Dr. Banik not only relieved me from a significant amount of pain I was experiencing while I was pregnant but also helped prepare my body for an easier labor.  I saw Dr. Banik when I was 9 months pregnant due to severe back pain from being on bed rest for 4 ½ months of my pregnancy.  Even though my OB had taken me off bed rest, the pain was so severe that it led me to be completely bedridden.  After only one session, Dr. Banik was able to significantly relieve my pain.  In addition, using specialized techniques, she aligned and prepared my body for labor so that I was able to go into labor naturally and reduce my labor to only 4 hours.”

I guarantee I will give you my absolute best,   

Giving you the best shot at the pregnancy and delivery of your dreams.  As a physician and mother, my responsibility is to show up and be fully available with every ounce of wisdom and experience that I’ve got to give.  Holding back or reserving my better stuff for down the road isn’t an option for me.  My services are the absolute best I have to give.  That intention counts for a lot.  But not everything of course.  In the end, you are looking to have the best pregnancy experience as possible.  According to the reviews, there are some remarkable stories.


If you’re at all interested in finding out more about the very natural and simple solution to minimizing your pregnancy pain and increasing the possibility of a natural delivery you have two options.

Either way, you will learn about a highly successful, hands-on, non-invasive way to diagnose and treat the body and will only need to spend five minutes to take the first step.  You are always welcome to call our office today to book an appointment or answer any questions you might have; however, we understand and appreciate that most patients need more information.

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