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The Ultimate Guide to Plagiocephaly & Torticollis

Contents Who am I and why should you listen to me? About The Author Payel Banik D.O. Why we wrote this Important details around these conditions What exactly do these confusing Greek words mean? How are these two conditions typically diagnosed? Did I do anything to cause the problem? How can birth be traumatic causing […]

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Treatment Results

I wanted to discuss with you all a common question that I get from many of patients. It would be, “would the areas that you’re treating tighten back up after treatment”? The answer is… everybody responds differently to osteopathic treatment, and it depends upon what you have going on. If you had something bothering you […]

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Athletes and Osteopathic Manipulation – A Career Saving Alternative?

Athletes of all levels are certainly no strangers to injury. As any sports fan knows, even minor injuries can not only derail the career of an athlete but the fortunes of entire teams, leagues and competitions. Therefore, speedy and effective recovery is more of a focus than ever before. For many athletes, that now means taking an […]

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Are Ear Tubes Really the Best Treatment for Chronic Ear Infections?

Many parents are all too familiar with the symptoms – and the misery – that a middle ear infection can cause for their child – the incessant crying that’s so distressing to hear, the ear tugging, the obvious pain, whether a child is old enough to express it verbally or not. In fact middle ear […]

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Join us at the Right Start

Join us at the Right Start in Rice Village on 6/11 from 6:30-8 PM to learn about how OMT can help with pregnancy and infants. Raffle tickets will be provided for a free initial treatment along with dinner. Call 713-807-7300 to register.    

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