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Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT)

OMT is a highly successful, hands-on, non-invasive way to diagnose and treat the body.

It uses the 4 osteopathic principles that:

  • The body is a unit (mind, body, and spirit, and not just one body system that’s got a problem).
  • The body has self-healing and self-regulatory properties (for example, when you cut yourself or break a bone, those injuries heal themselves without any intervention).
  • Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated (here is where our knowledge of anatomy and physiology comes into play)
  • Osteopathic treatment considers the preceding three principles

An example of how everything is connected:

When you buy chicken from the grocery store, it’s covered in a thin white film that most people peel off before cooking the chicken. This thin white film is known as fascia. People also have fascia surrounding everything in the body – from muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels, etc. Fascia connects everything in the body to each other. One way you can imagine and actually feel this connection is if you are wearing a t-shirt and grab a fist-full of the front of your t-shirt and pull forward, you may notice the t-shirt putting stress on your neck, shoulders, upper back, and even lower back. Fascial restrictions can change posture over time as well as create other mischief in the body. Because everything is connected, you can stub your toe and end up with a headache.

Our job at Osteopathic Healing Hands is to find the health within each patient so each person can function at their optimal health in life. As the founder of Osteopathy, A.T. Still, said, "Anyone can find disease."

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