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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is sometimes thought of as “super-prolotherapy.” The concept in both is to stimulate the body’s own healing ability to generate stronger tissue. One PRP treatment can generate as much as three times the tissue as one prolotherapy treatment. PRP is a therapy that utilizes a patient’s own blood to stimulate a healing response within a damaged tissue or joint. PRP is made by taking a small sample of a patient’s own blood and spinning the sample in a centrifuge. This process concentrates platelets in what is called a “buffy coat” that is extracted and delivered to the injured area. Growth factors in the platelets recruit and produce cells necessary for healing.

Anyone, from professional athletes to those who enjoy recreational activities or whose wounds are difficult to heal, can benefit from the healing effects of PRP. PRP offers an alternative treatment for those who do not wish to have surgery. Patients may want to consider PRP therapy if they have been diagnosed with arthritis or an injury to a tendon or a ligament. The injury may be either recent or chronic. The same conditions that are treated with prolotherapy (listed on prolotherapy page) can also be treated using PRP. While other treatments (such as cortisone injections) provide temporary relief, prolotherapy and PRP therapy is designed to promote long-term healing of the injury.

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