Meet the doctors

Dr. Payel Banik
Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.)

Dr. Banik received her undergraduate degree at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. She earned her Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) from Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, TX in 2009. She completed her family medicine residency at San Jacinto...


Our philosophy Osteopathic practice

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine is based upon the principle that the human body possesses self-healing/self-regulating mechanisms that are the source of true healing. As an osteopathic physician, I understand how all the body’s systems are interconnected and how each one affects the others. This special training in the neuromusculoskeletal system allows me to better understand how that system influences the condition of all other body systems. Being able to identify conditions and treat them using osteopathic manipulative treatment encourages the body’s natural tendency toward health and self-healing. The focus in treatment, therefore, goes beyond simple spinal alignment, to dealing directly with the abnormal body physiology using an array of direct and indirect techniques. My goal is to get you better so that you don’t have to see me.

What our patients say

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  • Pregnancy
  • Adults
  • Infants & Children
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  • Sports & Joint Mobility

The difference we make to you

Board certified and highly qualified Osteopathic Physicians

  • 20 different ways to treat the body
  • 17 Years of treating and healing with hands
  • 8 new patients’ maximum per day
  • 5 days a week providing healing services
  • 3 times the amount of time spent per patient compared to a standard physician visit
  • 2 board certifications
  • 1 Convenient Location

Change your life

It’s time to change your life today with Ostepathic Healing Hands

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