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Car Accident

After my traumatic head-on collision, which happened last July, I have been suffering with such severe discomfort throughout my torso.

I have been to doctor’s appointment from general medicine to specialists. Also, have been on several pain medications that I have lost track of their names. And lets not forget physical therapy where I received the hot pads and electrically induced needles shooting in my lower back.

Now comes in the Osteopathic Healing Hands. I will say that I was totally clueless and unaware of what was to happen once I walked into the doctors office. After having a question and answer session, Dr. Banik started her healing hand process throughout my torso from head to toe and roundabout. She had me walking to and fro and noticed my torso was in a slanted/diagonal position.

She touched my neck, shoulder, rib cage, hip area, back thigh, lower leg calf, ankle with her healing hands…………….

After her healing hand process was completed, I had a remarkable feeling!!! My body had a calm feeling sensation which I had not experienced in such a long time. Relief, no pressure, as if I was floating on a cloud.

The first time in a long time, I slept like a baby!!

When I awoke in the morning, I did not grunt and moan as I moved out of bed – oh what a feeling!

My day is going strong with continued progress.

By going to Dr. Banik I saved hundreds of dollars, on account I would have had to go thru outpatient procedure to have steroid injections performed by the pain and management specialist.



After suffering with migraines for over 25 years, I had to find someone to help with PREVENTION, instead of simply treating the pain. After one visit with Dr. Banik, my pain from a migraine was immediately lessened and with each passing day, I continued to feel even better. I really appreciate her earnest listening and taking the time needed to discuss and assess my health history before any treatment began. I will continue to see her as needed and feel that she is working with me to provide the best possible outcome for me and my lifestyle. I’m thrilled to have my life back without the reliance on narcotics/painkillers.


Pregnancy Pain

Dr. Banik is amazing. I experienced a small glimpse while Dr. Banik was giving a demonstration on the benefits of gentle manipulation and whole body approach to healing. I have had several massages, acupuncture treatments and chiropractic treatments in my life. Nothing was quite like this. My first treatment was a 10-15 minute demo, she watched me walk, made some observations about my posture and with very little and gentle touch I was able to see and most importantly feel a difference. Being 7 months pregnant at the time, I was having some crazy lower back pain (to the point of not being able to move sometimes) and some tightness in my shoulders. General aches and pains. Some areas I didn’t even know I was stressing until she pointed it out. Sometimes you just forget about pain, you become used to it. After the 15 minutes, I felt good immediately. More loose and relaxed. I felt like I was putting less stress on certain points of my body. There was no soreness or tenderness after the treatment. It’s crazy how simple and relaxing the whole process was. It was truly an amazing experience and I’d recommend this treatment to anyone!


Athlete Bicycle Accident

I came to Dr. Banik in Sep. 2015 after a bad bicycle accident in April while training for a triathlon. Having substantial neck and mid-back pain, I was keenly hoping Dr. Banik would be able to help. She did not disappoint. Her gentle & skilled care over the next few months helped reduce the pain and facilitate healing. I especially appreciated that her goal was to get me to the point of “no return,” i.e., that I didn’t need to endlessly return for treatments. She went above and beyond the call of duty to find solutions that would help me. I highly recommend Dr. Banik.


Athletic Homeopath with Back and Knee Pain

I am a clinical homeopath, working in the Naturopathic practice Sakura Natural health in Montrose, and have been attending Dr. Payel for back issues. I am SO impressed with Dr. Payel’s work as an osteopathic doctor; she is REALLY excellent. The treatment is gentle, thorough, and really realigns. I have had sacro-iliac/ knee issues for years, a long distance runner and an avid skier. I have had my share of wear and tear on joints. Dr Payel is extremely accomplished at what she does; she can sort a chronic issue with gentleness and effectiveness. I had attended many chiropractors and body workers, but osteopathy has always suited my body the best. As a fellow clinician, I will be referring myself and a lot of my patients to Dr. Payel for her excellent osteopathic treatment. We are blessed to have an osteopathic doctor that manipulates here in Houston. Please give yourself the gift of a treatment.


Child with Eye Tracking Problems and Foot Pain

Dr. Banik rocks. Seriously. My child has been seeing Dr. Banik since August. Her eye tracking has greatly improved, is excellent now (had a cranial compression). Learning in school has improved as well as her feeling generally more comfortable, less whining and unexplained upsets. She complained of her foot hurting while walking, and Dr. Banik expertly adjusted her foot bones which resulted in complete relief of pain and increased mobility. We are so grateful for Dr. Banik’s professionalism and holistic expertise!


Low Back Pain

I went to see Dr. Banik because I had an excruciating lower back pain. After 4 adjustments I feel extremely good. Thanks to Dr. Banik I feel more balanced and I can move more easily and my lower back pain disappeared. I highly recommend Dr Banik.


Senior with Knee and Low Back Pain

I’m a senior with knee osteoarthritis and lower back pain and this was my first experience with a Doctor of Osteopathy and the use of manipulative therapy. I was surprised how much better I felt after just the first treatment, the knee pain was about 60% less. Dr. Banik is very caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and really seems to enjoy her work. She even found problems I didn’t know I had and corrected them. So happy that my mobility is back as I can now do errands with much less pain and for longer periods of time, AND without having to take a Motrin for pain relief. Thank you Dr. Banik!


Pelvic/Pubic Pain – Avoided Surgery!

I saw 5 MDs before seeing Dr. Banik at Osteopathic Healing Hands. Two of the five recommended that I see another doctor. One recommended physical therapy. And the other two recommended surgery immediately (after just one short visit with them). I’ve learned to run the other way when I hear a doctor say, “Don’t worry, it’ll be an easy surgery!” I’ve been doing physical therapy for 6 weeks now, but the first breakthrough in physical therapy I felt the day I went to see Dr. Banik! I told the physical therapy about seeing an osteopath, and she was super supportive. I’ve continued to increase the intensity in physical therapy since seeing Dr. Banik 3 weeks ago, and so far there’s been no return of my previous symptoms (which is more than I can see for any other 3 week period over the past year). If you’re debating a serious medical intervention (like surgery), it’s a no brainer to come to Dr. Banik first.


Hip and Back Pain, Scarring from Previous Surgery

Dr. Banik is so sweet and cares deeply for her patients. She was able to be a part of a journey of healing that I have been in the past 2 years with back and hip pain. I am now experiencing a significant reduction in pain and have been able to start working out again. I believe I will be able to experience a full recovery. She was also able to help with some scarring from a previous surgery. I am very thankful for her knowledge, skills and compassion, and would recommend her to someone who is looking for an experienced osteopath.


First Time Osteopathic Treatment

I have never felt healing hands like this before. I have had many different kinds of adjustments and massage treatments in my life and have had some positive results but her knowledge, skill, talent, and touch blow them all out of the water. I was very tight in several areas and she easily and incredibly addressed them ALL as well as other issues from way in the past that I had no idea were connected but their resolution sent me off way better than expected. Your body will respond very positively to Dr. Banik’s healing touch I can almost gaurantee it! I live in Austin and I too would gladly travel the 4 hours to see Dr. Banik. Everyone that got off of her table was like wide eyed “Wow, she’s good!” SO worth it!


Digestive Issues and History of Car Accidents

I was introduced to Dr. Banik while attending the annual Association of Texas Midwives conference, upon recommendation to see her from another attendee. I originally spoke with her concerning digestive issues, but she also identified other problems as she was treating me. I was actually hit by a truck when I was 14 with the point of contact being my right hip, involved in another major car accident 5 years ago, and pulled a muscle in my lower back/left hip last summer lifting a toilet by myself. I’m 25 and in relatively good health from years of athletics, or so I thought. My hips were tilted, out of alignment and needed adjusting as well as my neck, and I had blockage where my small intestine turns into the large I wasn’t aware of. Immediately after getting up from her table I could feel a difference, and all of this was from one session. Just one! Now that it’s going on two weeks I’m still seeing improvements. Hands down, she lives up to the name of her practice and I would gladly travel the 3-4 hours to be seen again in the future. She is amazing!


“I took my 2 month plus old baby to Dr. Banik referred by my lactation consultant, because my baby was having difficulties with breastfeeding(can’t get enough milk even though there is plenty there..). After the first treatment, I could tell his suction was stronger with a little improvement over a week. After two treatments, he could actually get full, and I actually had to start feeding him less often so he doesn’t throw up.”


“I am from out of town and I stumbled onto this practice. I get frequent Migraines, Neck Pain, and Sinus pain with allergies. I decided to give this doctor a try. Luckily they had time for me. This Dr, mind you, had never met me in my life. I had never heard of her. She began to palpate areas of my body, which was relaxing. She began to tell me my problems. I had NOT told her a thing yet. She knew my issues by palpation. It was astonishing. Everything she said and did was true. She does have an amazing gift. I felt better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Even though it is costly, it is worth every penny. I will go back whenever I am in Houston and am taking my wife because of her health concerns.”


“I started developing a lot of issues in my shoulders and neck a couple summers ago which eventually got to a pretty bad point where I was always consciously aware of the pain. My muscles were extremely tense and painful especially in my shoulders on my left side, and the stretches I learned online/ibuprofen only provided very minimal relief. It eventually got to such a bad point that I reached out to Dr. Banik for help (I heard about osteopathy from a friend), and I’m so glad I did. This woman is amazing! From the minute I walked in she was very warm, and definitely breaks the barrier of a lot of the problems within our healthcare system nowadays. She treats the actual problem rather than just remedying it with medication or just passing you down the line which is what I have experienced in the past. After the first session I immediately noticed a huge difference in my pain level, and over the next few days the pain continued to fade. Similar results after the next session as well (decreased pain, increased mobility). I am so grateful for the help she has given me and definitely recommend anyone who experiences issues similar to mine, as only two sessions has made a huge difference in my life and level of happiness.”


“I met Dr. Banik a few days after I was in a car accident, I was in tremendous pain and set up an appointment right away. She was kind, extremely knowledgeable and really helped me recover. I’m now feeling even better than I did before the accident. I highly recommend Osteopathic Healing Hands and Dr. Banik.”


“I recently had fallen and torn my glenoid labrum. I started to get treatment with Dr. Banik within the first week. It immediately helped reduce the amount of anti-inflammatory and pain medicine that I had been taking. I went to an orthopedic surgeon, after having my first treatment by Dr. Banik, and he recommended some exercises, which I did, and he set an appointment to see him in a few weeks to check on progress and see if surgery was needed. I visited Dr. Banik another 4 times before seeing the orthopedic surgeon. When I went to see him this past Monday, he said surgery was not needed, and I was about 4 months further in healing than other patients he has treated with the same damage to the glenoid labrum.”


Chronic sinus problems and reflux

“I arrived at Dr. Banik’s office distraught and after a long road of seeing many physicians, chasing medical diagnoses and treating symptoms. I had experienced a vast array of tests and was prescribed many medications. My chief complaint was chronic sinus issues, repeating infections, a constant earache and hoarse voice, and diagnosed with GERD. After my first appointment with Dr. Banik, there was an immediate improvement. Dr. Banik listened patiently and took all my information and considered all of my health concerns, not only treating the symptoms, but looking at the underlying issues. One thing I loved the most was that she treated the body as a whole system. Each appointment I saw improvements. I loved that she had me “listen” to my body, and treatment was given based on how my body responded. I began to regain and strengthen my immune system, eliminate all medications, and heal. Truly heal, not just mask or treat the symptoms. She was supportive and attentive as a physician like none I had experienced. Often, in addition to osteopathic treatments, she was able to guide me in other healthy ways that helped reduce the stress and maintain a grounding and healing experience. Interestingly, each time I saw her, we would not set next appointments – waiting to see how my body responded. Each time I felt better for longer, after being sick for over two years. She works in a gentle, caring way with an amazing gift for facilitating the body towards healing. She was also able to work with me to cure my GERD so I was able to stop taking the medication. As a doctor of osteopathy, she was able to treat all conditions with subtle hands-on manipulation and advice for natural ways to help the body recover and heal. Dr. Banik is an amazing person and physician. I referred many others to her and the report back was always, “That was amazing” and there were results. Her impact in my health was life-altering for me. She is a truly gifted mind-body-and-spirit physician and a pioneer in this field. Her level of professionalism and knowledge is amazing.”


Baby with reflux and flattened head

“Words can’t express the wonderful care Dr. Banik gave my family. After the birth of our first daughter we struggled with feeding and spit up problems as well as an abnormal shaped head from birth trauma. We took our infant to see Dr. Banik monthly for osteopathic treatments and soon noticed dramatic changes in the prior feeding and reflux problems. We also have seen a dramatic difference in the shape of her head – there is no longer a flat spot on the back of her head. We are so thankful for her wonderful treatment”


Pregnant with back pain

“Dr. Banik not only relieved me from a significant amount of pain I was experiencing while I was pregnant but also helped prepare my body for an easier labor. I saw Dr. Banik when I was 9 months pregnant due to severe back pain from being on bed rest for 4 ½ months of my pregnancy. Even though my OB had taken me off bed rest, the pain was so severe that it led me to be completely bedridden. After only one session, Dr. Banik was able to significantly relieve my pain. In addition, using specialized techniques, she aligned and prepared my body for labor so that I was able to go into labor naturally and reduce my labor to only 4 hours.”


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