Why Am I So Tired All The Time? The Surprising Reason Many Women Have No Energy

Osteopathic Healing Hands Team | July 20, 2023

Are you a woman who is feeling tired all the time, with no energy and feeling run down?

It’s not uncommon, and many females – especially busy moms, working moms, and middle age women – struggle with low energy and feeling exhausted all the time no matter how much they sleep.

But is there a way to fix it?

And why do so many women feel so tired all the time?

In this blog, you can learn about a surprising reason that a lot of women suffer from chronic tiredness, and how you can find a natural solution.

How Feeling Tired All The Time Can Impact Your Life

Tiredness makes life much harder than it has to be and can rob you of fun and joy because you’re so distracted by exhaustion.

Moms Playing With Their Kids

A common challenge for moms we work with in our Unleash Your Inner Strength Program is when they are playing with their kids.

They want to get involved, run around, jump about, laugh, and play.

But they’re so burnt out that after a few minutes, it’s hard to be present and enjoy the moment with your children because you can’t keep up.

Working Moms Trying To Do It All

Another challenge for females who feel tired all the time is balancing work and family life – performing in their career, but also being an attentive, supportive, and loving partner and parent.

Doing this when you’re constantly tired is a huge struggle.

And can leave you unable to concentrate and focus at work, and mean you’re snappy and irritable at home with your loved ones.

Women Trying To Get In Shape

Another area of life that is heavily impacted by tiredness is health and fitness.

When you’re exhausted, and your eyes feel heavy, the last thing you want to do is push yourself through a workout.

And when you’re tired, you often make poor food choices – resorting to fast food, junk, and sugary treats rather than healthy meals that you know you should be eating more of.

“Why Am I So Tired All The Time?”

If you struggle with low energy levels in the past, you’ve probably heard a lot of things about why it’s happening.

You might have visited your doctor to check everything is okay, and when that came back normal, you were left more confused than ever!

But a surprising reason for being tired all the time is tightness in your body – your muscles, joints, and the fascia that surrounds the muscles, bones, organs, and nerves.

“Why Do Tight Muscles Make Me Feel Exhausted?”

There are three main reasons, muscle tightness is leaving you exhausted.

Reduced Oxygen, Nutrients, And Circulation

When muscles are tight, it reduces the amount of oxygen, nutrients, and circulation that the muscle receives.

This can lead to fatigue due to a lack of energy supply.

So no matter how much you try and sleep, you’re never going to feel energized and refreshed because you’re always going to be limited by tightness.

Pain And Discomfort

Additionally, tight muscles can cause pain and discomfort – often in the lower back, hips, and knees, which means it’s difficult to pick up kids, carry groceries, or exercise.

And when you’re in pain, this depletes your energy reserves even more as your body is constantly trying to protect itself which can mean tight muscles, become even tighter.

Increase In Stress Hormones 

Finally, when muscles are too tight for too long, it can lead to increased levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

This increases fatigue even further as they have a direct negative effect on energy levels.

How To Get More Energy So You Don’t Feel Tired All The Time

Our Unleash Your Inner Strength Program has fixed this problem for many women through our one-of-a-kind, osteopathic-influenced stretch therapy program.

Through deep breathing exercises, combined with safe and gentle stretching from leading experts, tightness in the body is quickly relieved and can lead to drastic improvements in pain, flexibility, energy level, and a happier, calmer mind.

To find out whether we can help your specific situation, you can arrange a Free Taster Session.

This gives you 1-1 time with our expert team who can hear your story, and provide you with personalized advice on how to get more energy.

You can also find out more information about our Unleash Your Inner Strength Program and decide for yourself whether this is right for you!

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This is written by Dr. Payel Banik, the leading osteopath based in Houston, who has helped thousands of women regain their mobility, end their pain, and have more energy.

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